California, America's Largest Charity Organization - Blog 1-17-2018

Posted by BrianDomingo at 9:31 AM on Jan 7, 2018


California, America's Largest Charity Organization

California, where one in every three people are on one form or another of public assistance.

California, the state that spends more money on welfare spending than any other state in the nation.

While California’s welfare spending continues to increase year after year, it is really a symptom of a much larger problem facing Californians. California politicians want you to believe the statistic that California’s unemployment rates are at some of their lowest rates in years. This fact is true. However, why is it that with low unemployment rates we are still outspending every other state in the nation on welfare? The answer is simple, because of rampant taxation, over regulation, high workers’ comp rates, and California’s hostile business environment. California is driving companies out of our state in droves! These are the same companies that provide jobs that pay a living wage and offer health benefits to their employees. Although, on paper it looks great that we have lower unemployment and we have added some jobs, the jobs that have been added are mostly in the service industry and DO NOT pay a living wage, especially here in California where the cost of living is so high!

Under my administration we will address the actual problems not just the symptoms of the problem. Californians will no longer have the reactive government that we currently have, but a proactive government that will address the root of the problem and make administrative changes for the betterment of Californians, not the betterment of politicians pandering for votes.

If you want REAL change in California politics, then join me in the June primary and November general election and #VoteDomingo Together, we can bring change in 2018!!