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California, We Have a Problem! Part 1 Blog 4-13-2017

Posted by BrianDomingo at 9:52 AM on Apr 13, 2017


The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one…….

California, WE have a PROBLEM!

First and foremost on our list of problems; our current government believes they can Tax Our State Into Prosperity! Our government continues to Raise Taxes, the most recent event, the passing of Senate Bill 1, the Gas Tax Increase. These tax increases are driving businesses and people out of California in droves. California has one of the highest business and personal tax rates, one of the highest workers’ comp rates, and is the highest environmentally regulated state in the country. Did you know that at least 9,000 companies left California from 2008 to 2015? We are not talking closing down, we are talking leaving for other states with friendlier business climates. With businesses and people leaving California what do you think that does to our Tax Revenue? That’s right, it lowers it! Our governments’ solution, Raise Taxes! We need to lower workers’ comp, lower taxes, and create a better balance of business and environmentalism. WE MUST BRING JOBS BACK TO CALIFORNIA!

Our public school system is ranked 40th in the nation!

California we can do much better than that! We need to take a long hard look at our school system and make changes to bring our ranking into the top 5 school systems in the nation! We need to look at how our money is spent from administration to maintenance. We need to look at the curriculum being taught, we need to bring back vocational studies, and we must implement mandatory classes that teach life finances. Our students need to learn about bank accounts, credit cards and interest rates, mortgages and home purchases, saving for retirement, how the stock market and investments work, etc. We need to teach the skills that will help them prosper and not just survive.

Our Infrastructure is Falling Apart!

For decades our government has been neglecting our infrastructure! Yes, it is now in the headlines all over the state with the recent Oroville Dam fiasco and the passing of SB 1. Politicians are jumping on the band wagon left and right to get infrastructure fixed, but how are they doing it? By Raising Taxes!

What about the taxes that have been misspent for decades that were supposed to go to infrastructure? Why have we done nothing for decades to increase our water storing capabilities? California is the largest agricultural producer in the United States. However, we can’t supply them with the water they need to grow crops. This needs to change! Agriculture equals jobs which equals tax dollars.

Our Welfare/Public Assistance Programs Needs an Overhaul!

Our welfare system is in place to help people in a time of need, it should not become a lifestyle! Our system is riddled with fraud and overspending. We must make reforms to our welfare system and not let it become a lifestyle choice. Most of all we need to bring jobs back to California to help get people off of public assistance!

As Governor these are the changes I will strive to make!

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