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“Help me, Dad.” Blog 12/02/2017

Posted by BrianDomingo at 4:26 PM on Dec 2, 2017


“Help me, Dad.”

Those were Kate Steinle’s last words to her father when a bullet struck her in the back. She died in her father’s arms. The bullet had come from a gun that had been picked up by an illegal immigrant, Jose Ines Garcia Zerate.

Kate and her father had been walking down the San Francisco Pier, arm-in-arm, enjoying the view of the bay - enjoying California.

Garcia Zerate never should have been on the streets of San Francisco in the first place. He had previously been deported from the Country five times for seven different convictions. Had he been a California citizen, it’s entirely possible he could have already been in prison under California’s Three Strikes law.

Enough is enough. California’s politicians are clearly not putting its very own citizens first. It’s a shame that our State’s politicians are more concerned about getting votes from illegal immigrants than protecting its citizens -- who simply want to enjoy California sunsets. Much like I’ve done many times with my daughter.

Jerry Brown’s policies are literally killing California citizens.

Jerry Brown effectively secured California’s status as a sanctuary state when he recently signed Senate Bill 54 into law. This Bill severely limits communications between State and Federal authorities and weakens California’s citizens’ security.

they could detain him under federal law. Because of this, a five-time deportee was back on the streets.

Californians want stronger borders. Yet, California politicians are spending your tax money to defend illegal immigrants from being deported.

When I’m elected governor, California’s status as a sanctuary state will end. I will be tough on borders and tough on crime.

When I’m elected governor, California’s cities will be safe again.