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Merry Christmas Blog 12-25-2017

Posted by BrianDomingo at 4:47 AM on Dec 25, 2017


Roseville CA, 4:30 AM – As I enjoy the quiet before the storm and my first, of what will probably end up being many cups of coffee, I wanted to take a moment and wish Everyone a Very Merry Christmas. I would like to send a “Shout Out” to all of those who are unable to spend Christmas with their family, friends, or loved ones because they are working to keep our great state and nation running. I would especially like to thank those that are working on Christmas day to keep our families safe this Holiday Season. While our military is always forefront on my mind during holiday seasons, I would also like to thank all the firefighters, police officers, correction officers, hospital workers, doctors, nurses, the list goes on and on. Know that I am thinking of you, your families, and that I too am going to be working this holiday season to make a change in California politics. May God Bless All Of You, Your Family, and Your Friends This Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!!