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What Is The State of our State? Blog 1-24-2017

Posted by BrianDomingo at 9:51 PM on Jan 24, 2017


Today Gov. Jerry Brown delivered his State of the State address, and while it is called The State of the State address, Gov. Brown spent more time talking about his family history, his so called accomplishments, and federal policy than he did about the actual State of the State.

One of the accomplishments he mentions is the reduction in the unemployment rate from 12.1 percent to 5.2 percent and the creation of 2.5 million jobs. Although this sounds impressive on the surface, he fails to mention that part of that reduction is from people that have stopped looking for work altogether, or those that are employed in jobs far below their qualifications. It also does not take into consideration all the people that have fled California to find jobs.There are more people leaving California for other states than there is coming to California from other states. The only reason our population continues to grow is due to immigration. While jobs have been created, the majority of them are lower paying service industry jobs.

Here are some facts he failed to mention in his address:

  • Tax revenues are $1 Billion below projections
  • The 1.9 Billion dollar Brown administration miscalculation in the Medi-Cal program
  • The Jan 1st increases in Workers’ Compensation Insurance employers pay
  • That California is ranked as one of the WORST states to do business in
  • That over 9,000 companies have left California since 2008
  • That California tops ranking of most expensive Workers’ Comp rates in the nation
  • That California’s greatest export is the middle class

Gov Brown's State of the State address was more of a pep talk and lacked any real substance on the State of the State. We need to make policy changes to bring employers BACK to California and NOT drive them out of California! There has to be a balance between the environment, jobs, and economic hardship. California is trying to tax its way out of its problems rather than create a more business friendly environment that will attract business and generate more revenue.

As Governor, I will ensure that the great State of California becomes the place to do business again by removing the barriers that prevent business from doing business and thriving in California.

Californians for a Prosperous California.