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When Will Tax Increases Stop? Blog 4-7-2017

Posted by BrianDomingo at 8:26 AM on Apr 7, 2017


When California Governor Jerry Brown started his third term in 2011 the annual budget was approximately $86 Billion, today in 2017 that annual budget has increased to $122 Billion, a $36 Billion Increase! That’s $36,000,000,000!!!!!

It raises one question, where has this $36 Billion been spent? Certainly not on California infrastructure! For decades our government has been neglecting our infrastructure and has been robbing Peter to pay Paul with the funds from the current gas taxes and registration fees. These fees and taxes are supposed to be used to fix our roads/infrastructure but our esteemed government has been appropriating them to the general fund and using those very taxes on everything BUT infrastructure!!

Now with the public outcry due to the Oroville Dam fiasco, decaying roads and bridges, our government has passed legislation to raise fuel and registration fees to fix our infrastructure problems. The bill, SB1 was pushed through the Senate with a 27-11 vote and was immediately pushed through the Assembly with a 54-26 vote. It is truly amazing how fast our government can work when they are Raising Taxes but do nothing to cut costs. They even had to include a constitutional amendment requiring that the money be spent only on transportation projects, and it would create an inspector general to make sure money isn't misspent! That amendment just proves to me that the current fuel tax has been misappropriated for decades!!


When is it going to stop? When are they going to get control on spending? Why are they continuing to raise taxes and drive residents and businesses out of California? Our economic outlook keeps getting worse and worse. When will you the people stand up and take a stance against our current governments spending? Join us to bring change to California Government in 2018. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @VoteDomingo and Contribute to our campaign at With your help WE can make a change!

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